Unfortunately the weather is getting cold and darkness is falling earlier.  It saddens me that the golf season is over for me as I can’t fit nine holes in before dark.  I’ll have to make a run to a few driving ranges before winter sets in.

I’ve always enjoyed taking photos of items that are off-center, completely in focus, and everything else around them is not.  I’m not exactly sure what it is about that method but to me it just looks good.  Especially when the colors are so vibrant!

Canon EOS 550D
F/4 – 18mm
1/125sec - ISO/100

Rusted clover

This is part of a series of photos I took of an especially large and colorful set of purple clover.  What was nice is they were growing right through a rusted chain-link fence.  The contrast was between the beautiful plant life and the rusted remnant of man’s desire to section off land was staggering.  I hate chain-link fences.

Canon EOS 550D
F/5.6 – 55mm
1/100sec - ISO/500


Seeing as we are now coming into fall and all of the leaves are starting to drop from the trees I thought it may be appropriate to show an earlier stage -when the leaves first started to grow.  Leaves of many plants start off red, turn green, and by the end turn red again.  Perhaps this parrallels the human cycle of caring, a person is born being cared for by their parents, they then go on to have children and care for them, only to be cared for by their children in old age — or at least one hopes.

Canon EOS 550D
F/5.7 – 55mm
1/100sec - ISO/100

It starts…

Wasted time.  This is what this is going to be.  As I write this right now I know that it is pointless.  Who reads blogs?  A few I’ve come across as inspiring but most are pointless.  I’m going to use this one as my test bed and hopefully find direction on where I want to take this.  I could use this as a vent, an outlet but that seems pointless.  I don’t want to vent my frustrations out onto the web and create meaningless content.  I would like to think that at some point in time my posts will be read by others and either enjoyed or found useful.  My task now is to find a way to make that happen.