Unfortunately the weather is getting cold and darkness is falling earlier.  It saddens me that the golf season is over for me as I can’t fit nine holes in before dark.  I’ll have to make a run to a few driving ranges before winter sets in.

I’ve always enjoyed taking photos of items that are off-center, completely in focus, and everything else around them is not.  I’m not exactly sure what it is about that method but to me it just looks good.  Especially when the colors are so vibrant!

Canon EOS 550D
F/4 – 18mm
1/125sec - ISO/100


The plant kingdoms are very interesting when it comes to reproduction.  Many develop tasty fruits to entice animals to eat their seeds only to dump them in droppings some distance away.  Others open flowers to entice insects to carry their seed to another plant of the same type.  This seems to be sex via proxy…something many humans would love to explore but is not correct in modern society.

Canon EOS 350D
F/5.6 – 55mm
1/500sec - ISO/200


Back in the summer of 2004 I took an art class which had a field trip to Griffy Reservoir.  The whole point was to find shadows that we could use in a 2D graphic.  This was the method that the instructor used to transfer a 3D object into the 2D space.  It made sense and allowed you to explore different facets of the shape before deciding on a specific aspect.  That class turned out to be one of the best FINA classes I ever took…come to think of it, one of the most memorable classes I ever took.

Sony DSC-P72
F/5.6 – 6mm
1/100sec - ISO/400

Jobs long past

Continuing the Bloomington series I have here a shot of Memorial Hall on the IU-Bloomington campus.  This was the home of the East Asian Studies Center which was my third IT-related job.  I spent a good three years here and enjoyed every moment of it.  Of course now all of the people I knew have long move on to other posts much like myself.

Sony DSC-P72
F/5.6 – 6mm
1/60sec - ISO/100


Back into the archives again.  After a heavy downpour years ago the sun decided to come out immediately and give me the opportunity to snap shops of crystal-clear flooding.  I’ve always liked this series and am shocked that they came out so well considering the camera I was using.

F/7.1 – 10.3mm
1/80sec - ISO/100