Eager for Spring

I caught this bird show up in late winter.  I think he’s really eager for an early spring — aren’t we all?  I like how the tree acts as a frame for the bird.  Though the bird is the focus of the photo he by no means takes up the full frame.  This sets him as the focal point while still giving focus to the tree.

Canon EOS 350D
F/5.6 – 200mm
1/500sec - ISO/100


Something I should look into more, little figurines.  These men were given to us as a gift from the mother of an Indian friend of ours.  I’m assuming they represent figures in either Buddhist or Catholic doctrine.  These figures, at first ignored, start to make you wonder their history.  Who do they represent, what is their purpose, who thought it as so important to cast figures of them, who sold them?

Canon EOS 350D
F/5.6 – 55mm
1/60sec - ISO/400


Many say that the eye is the gateway to the soul.  Does that mean that eyelashes are the wrought iron fence at the perimeter?  It is quite amazing how coarse these are when you see them up close.  All the same, very proud of this one.

Canon EOS 550D
F/5.6 – 55mm
1/64sec - ISO/400