I decided to break into some of my older photos.  This one was taken circa 2005 when a good friend of mine and I went on an expedition to an abandoned Knights of Pythias building.   The whole jaunt was simply amazing and was one of the most enjoyable photography outings I’ve ever been on.

Canon EOS 350D
F/3.5 – 18mm
1/60sec - ISO/400


Again going back into the archive!  This was another outing with my good friend back in 2005.  I, along with many others, enjoy photography of abandoned places/things.  This telephone pole stands alongside an abandoned railroad track unused.  Wires dangle to the ground, snapped at some time in the distant past.

Since we just entered lent you’re welcome to see a cross.

Canon EOS 350D
F/11 – 46mm
1/200sec - ISO/100