Something I should look into more, little figurines.  These men were given to us as a gift from the mother of an Indian friend of ours.  I’m assuming they represent figures in either Buddhist or Catholic doctrine.  These figures, at first ignored, start to make you wonder their history.  Who do they represent, what is their purpose, who thought it as so important to cast figures of them, who sold them?

Canon EOS 350D
F/5.6 – 55mm
1/60sec - ISO/400


The plant kingdoms are very interesting when it comes to reproduction.  Many develop tasty fruits to entice animals to eat their seeds only to dump them in droppings some distance away.  Others open flowers to entice insects to carry their seed to another plant of the same type.  This seems to be sex via proxy…something many humans would love to explore but is not correct in modern society.

Canon EOS 350D
F/5.6 – 55mm
1/500sec - ISO/200


One thing taught to all art students is that they must create and even though I agree (to a point) one must also use what has already been created.  Nature has spent epochs creating millions of beautiful things (and many millions more of dark, ugly things) that we should take advantage of.

Canon EOS 550D
F/5.6 – 55mm
1/100sec - ISO/800


Back into the archives again.  After a heavy downpour years ago the sun decided to come out immediately and give me the opportunity to snap shops of crystal-clear flooding.  I’ve always liked this series and am shocked that they came out so well considering the camera I was using.

F/7.1 – 10.3mm
1/80sec - ISO/100

By any other name…

I haven’t had much of an opportunity lately to work on my most recent photos so I’m reaching into the bucket of past work again.  My father takes his roses very seriously and this one was the best of them all.  Minor color editing in post-processing, it was a very pretty rose.

Canon EOS 350D
F/10.0 – 55mm
1/200sec - ISO/400