Revolution begins

I, as a fallen gamer, often get excited over games that I will likely never play.  This isn’t because of lack of interest but instead because of lack of funds and lack of time.  I no longer believe that dropping fifty dollars on a game is worthwhile (probably due to having kids).  I have very limited time and I don’t want to allocate the hours that will be required to enjoy a game (again, because of having kids).  All the same I am excited about a game that is soon to release.  It is called Brink and is developed by Splash Damage Ltd. Learning more about this game has made me rethink my career choice.  Long ago while still in college I dabbled with the idea of going into the game industry because I was already a gamer and enjoyed the creative side of making a game.  The game industry keeps expanding as games become more mainstream and compete with television and movies as the standard American pastime.  The other option I considered was to go into networking which has turned out to be fairly lucrative.  I can’t complain except that I don’t have much of a creative outlet at work.

I still think I made the right choice, every company needs people for their networks but not every company makes games.  It may not be as cool or exciting or get me in the credits of some massively successful game but it is still a good option.  Sometimes I wonder if burning slowly is really better than burning out fast.