Seeing as we are now coming into fall and all of the leaves are starting to drop from the trees I thought it may be appropriate to show an earlier stage -when the leaves first started to grow.  Leaves of many plants start off red, turn green, and by the end turn red again.  Perhaps this parrallels the human cycle of caring, a person is born being cared for by their parents, they then go on to have children and care for them, only to be cared for by their children in old age — or at least one hopes.

Canon EOS 550D
F/5.7 – 55mm
1/100sec - ISO/100


Back into the archives again.  After a heavy downpour years ago the sun decided to come out immediately and give me the opportunity to snap shops of crystal-clear flooding.  I’ve always liked this series and am shocked that they came out so well considering the camera I was using.

F/7.1 – 10.3mm
1/80sec - ISO/100